Mount Abu

Mount Abu One of the top destination in India

Mount Abu One of the top destination in India

About Mount Abu

Mount AbuMount Abu, literally ‘Hill of Wisdom’, is Rajasthan’s only hill station. Sprawling along a 2km long plateau, it is at an altitude of 1220 metres, and is the highest point on the Aravalli ranges. Abu was the summer resort for the Maharajas and the princes to escape the sweltering desert. The gigantic blocks of rock, towering along the crest of the hill, the lush green trees and the colourful birds and animals make Abu one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. Mount Abu is also a major Rajput and Jain pilgrimage centre.

Lets Explore Mount Abu – Sightseeing in Mount Abu :
Places of Tourist Interests
Dilwara Temples The Dilwara Temples of Mount Abu were built between 11 – 13th century and command supreme respect in the heart of Jain community. The beauty of the temple complex is enhanced by the intensive use of white marble which lends it a pristine charm.

Nakki Lake is an important place of tourist interest in Mount Abu. The lake forms the “Heart of Mount Abu”. Nakki Lake derives its name from the famous mythological story that lies behind the creation of this lake. It is said that Devtas ( Gods ) had dug this lake in the center of Mount Abu using their nails or nakh. This lake is the only artificial lake in India that is situated at an altitude of 1220 meters above sea level. The lake is situated within walking distance from the center of the town. The location of Nakki Lake amidst the mountains, gardens and rock formations makes it all the more interesting.

Adhar Devi Temple The Adhar Devi Temple, only 3 km north of the town, is an ancient Durga temple built in a natural cleft in a rock. The place affords excellent views of Mount Abu.

Gaumukh Temple: A natural spring flowing through a sculpted cow’s head gives the shrine its name. The famous ‘yagna’ of sage Vashishtha was performed here. A beautifully sculpted hill temple of Arbuada – the mighty serpent stands against the beautiful backdrop. Nearby is the magnificent marble image of Nandi, the celestial bull rescued by Arbuada.

Guru Shikhar 15 km from Abu is the highest point in Rajasthan at 1721m. Eight km from the town,

Sunset Point This Place offers an enchainting view of the crimson colours of dusk kissing the lush plains on the horizon.

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