Rajkot One of the top destination in India

Rajkot One of the top destination in India

About Rajkot

RajkotRapid developing cities often sacrifice certain aspects of life, such as clean air and green fields.

For every generalization there is an exception, and Rajkot is part of the exception to the statement above. Not much know why this is so, but it is a known fact that Rajkot is among the top developing cities of the world, and that it has a greener area than most.

History of Rajkot
Rajkot has a particularly rich history. The city was founded in the early 1600s by a member of the Jadeja clan. A century later, the Nawabs conquered the city and maintained it for slightly over a decade before the Jadeja clan climed what was theirs. The majority of those who ruled favored the population, and encouraged liberal education as well as activities that would help in prospering both the individual and the nation. It is no surprise that the British East India Company chose Rajkot as the headquarters of the Saurashtra agency, an agency dedicated to oversee the princely states in India.

Rajkot was a prominent name in India’s battle for independence as this was where Mahatma Gandhi fasted for the independence of India. The ideas coming from the people of this town may be due to the fact that it encouraged, and still encourages, liberal education. It is where the Rajkumar College still operates since it was built by the British.

Tourism in Rajkot
Rajkot is a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists. This is mostly due to the way the city was made, since most of the buildings have been preserved since the time that they were built. The more popular structures were built at the time when the British ruled the country, but each structure still reflects the historical influences of the previous dynasties.

Connaught Hall is one of the structures that draw a lot of tourists, and it is made more beautiful by the surrounding Jubilee Garden. Though both were made during the British colonial period, it does not mean that all sites in the area are influenced by the British. The Kaba Gandhi No Delo which sits nearby is one of the more ancient tourist spots. It is significant since it is the house of the father of Mahatma Gandhi, and the famous leader spent his formative years in this house.

Tourism may also drive visitors indoors into the Rotary Dolls Museum, which displays over 1,400 dolls from all over the world. This is one place where one can get a lesson in culture that is focused not just on one country, but one world. Another indoor place to visit would be the Lang Library, which is beautiful inside and out. It also does its best to collect all the documents about Rajkot and its surrounding region, Saurashtra.

Rajkot is not just visited because of the architectural wonders that it holds. The whole city has a wonderful ambiance to it, and this somehow automatically appeals with the visitors. If anyone has the opportunity to travel to India, one must not pass up the opportunity to see the city itself, as it could introduce you to a new kind of life that you may not have known before.

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